Exploration x Design

Exploration x Design your partner in developing a design thinking practice.


What we do.

Exploration x Design offers teams, individuals and organizations an opportunity to go beyond the surface of their ideas.


Workshops + Sprints

ExD offers groups and teams opportunities to play and explore specific areas of focus. Sometimes our workshops center on developing specific skills; such as, creative facilitation, and other times we explore areas of opportunities for innovation and transformation.

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ExD works with individual clients, groups and teams to support their ability to operate effectively. Teaching design thinking methodologies and practicing new ways of designing solutions.

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ExD organizes retreats each year for anyone to attend. The rest of the year, we work with private clients to run retreats for teams and business units.

Design Your Ideal Present + Future

Imagine if you could be more present in the current moment to make decisions that lead to an ideal future. Collaborate with co-designers to spark new ways of thinking about old problems. Unlock more possibilities by letting go of limiting points of view.

Design thinking involves practicing creative problem solving methods to arrive at an innovative solution. Learn more >