1-Day Team Transformation Workshop


The goal for this one-day workshop is to address common dysfunctions to ensure your team avoids the following:

  • Absence of trust

  • Fear of conflict

  • Lack of commitment

  • Avoidance of accountability (having direct healthy confrontations/ conflict over low standards)

  • Inattention to results

The first hour is a warm-up and prep for the types of collaborative activities occurring throughout the day. It helps ensure everyone in the room is well acquainted and trust has started to be cultivated.

The first activity challenges the group to generate ideas and feelings about the future. The first step will be to generate ideas about the worst possible outcomes and work to align on a shared agreement of what the group doesn’t want to experience by “affinitizing” post-its into themes and then turning themes into insights.

Based on the insights from the data mining activity the group will form teams to challenge themselves to reframe what they know they don’t want to experience into positive outcomes. Teams will dot vote on their reframed statements to determine what they feel most strongly represents their expectations.

Once reframed statements are finalized the teams will work to generate ideas for implementing ways of experiencing their expectations.

Would you like to learn more about team transformation? Send an email to sales@exploration.design