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Participant Recruitment

Do you need help recruiting the most appropriate participants? Design research recruitment is different from market research or other business studies. The biggest difference is design research has more to do with goals, tasks, expectations, behavior, environment, values, lifestyle and devices than demographics. We’re not trying to identify how to sell something to someone or convince them they need something. The goal of design research is to identify pithy insights that lead to new ways of thinking. We want to discover how to solve problems in new ways. Advance society into adopting new behaviors. 


Here's how Exploration x Design supports your participant recruitment: 

  • Profile participants 

  • Create participant screener 

  • Strategize incentives 

  • Craft appropriate introduction and invitations   


Not every company has recruitment resources and many professional recruiters charge such high fees that using their services isn’t an option. Sometimes we need help with recruitment because of time restrictions; other times,  constraints can be a lack of experience amongst team members or confusion of the best starting point.