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In many ways, exploration is the most creative stage of the research gathering process. The tools that emerge from the exploration research stage lead to prototyping aspects of our ideas. We aren’t making the solution at this stage. We are creatively exploring the many aspects of a potential solution as possible. We are isolating the components in order to design a solution holistically. 

Exploration x Design can help you create the following: 

  • Mapping + Blueprints

  • Ideation + Co-Creation Workshop

  • Prototyping 

  • Personas 

  • Storyboards

Essentially, our goal is to break down our ideas, play with them, reconstruct them in order to imagine compelling solutions no one has considered, but always needed. When we deliver something impactful we are tapping into inherent needs and intrinsic values. It's truly exciting and fun. Let's explore together!