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Discovering new ideas and points-of-view is all well and good as long as the team and broader organization is able to put the information into action. Part of discovery is determining what people are ready for - the worst outcome is conducting research only to have it sit on a shelf. We help you assess what types of research makes the most sense for the people involved - both internal and external. 

Exploration x Design can help you create the following: 

  • Interviews + Contextual Inquiry  

  • Diary Studies

  • Landscape Analysis

  • Personas + Archetypes 

Conducting discovery research is exhilarating and inspiring. It can open up new ways of thinking and deepen empathy for the people you're designing for. It's also a crucial team-building activity and should always be conducted as a team endeavor. In order for research to be meaningful it must be understood by the entire team. Exploration x Design can help you conduct research as a team.