Design Sprints + Workshop Facilitation 

Sometimes you need to take a step back and allow someone outside your organization to lead you through a journey of exploration. Bringing in a fresh pair of eyes and ears can introduce new points of view and enable a team to solve a design problem in a new way. The best approach is to keep an open mind and beginner’s mindset. Learn more about Innovation Design Sprints 

Allowing yourself to not define the outcome in advance can enable you to:

  • Go deeper into the problem space

  • Explore alternative points-of-view

  • Try different techniques

  • Cultivate greater levels of empathy

  • Accomplish more in less time

Bringing in an external facilitator to lead a workshop or design sprint is more affordable than you might assume. Jess has rates to suit just about any size company and does pro bono work for special interest projects and social good companies.