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Design Research Strategy 

Design Research can seem like mystery because it’s rarely the same approach from one project to the next - at least, it shouldn’t be the same each time. Getting the most of of Design Research requires planning and a team effort. It’s not helpful to think about ‘good’ research or ‘bad’ research. There is effective research and ineffective research. If you learned something - you’ve done effective research. 

Here's some examples of the types of activities and artifacts can Exploration x Design help you create:

  • Stakeholder Mapping  

  • Problem Mapping

  • Constraints Exploration

  • Co-creating Goals + Objectives

  • Assigning Roles

  • Organizing + Disseminating Information

  • Identifying Types of Research + Timing 

Research can seem like a simple activity that doesn’t require much thought - what’s so hard about Googling information, right? Good research typically comes from a mix of sources and occurs at different intervals in the design process. You might assume research is too hard or time consuming, but often it saves you a lot of money - think of it as prepping before painting a wall in your house. If you’ve ever painted a wall you know that prep makes all the difference.