3-Day Design Innovation Sprint

Are you interested to enhance your design practice? 

Exploration x Design has created a unique 3-Day Design Innovation Sprint to help take your skills to the next level. We use Design Thinking methodologies and combine them with the sprint framework to create a custom program tailored to your needs. 

It doesn't matter if you're entirely new to design or a seasoned practitioner, we all need time to practice and advance our skills. 

Whether you want to practice using an existing project or practice with a hypothetical future solution; we bring in the right experts to coach you to achieve your goals. 

Think of us like your personal trainer at the gym.  We help you go beyond what you might do on your own. It's highly motivating to have someone push you and setup new activiites for you to try. 

Wondering how this works? 

Step 1

We meet with you (and potentially your team members) for a free no obligation consultation. We talk to you about your goals, challenges, ambitions and past experiences. 

Step 2

We use the information you provide to create a custom 3-Day Design Innovation program that enables us to expand your design thinking proficiencies. 

What's in the 3-Day Design Innovation Sprint? 

Day 1 : Define the Problem

Establish a problem statement based on your goals for the sprint. Collaboratively decide the specific focus area for the next three days. 

Gather information related to the problem space. Sometimes this involves interviewing end-users or stakeholders. Sometimes we might invite subject matter experts to provide supportive information. We might conduct discover interviews or deploy other activities to gather the information we need. 

At the end of the day we synthesize our findings and generate insights. 

Day 2 : Ideate Concepts

Using our findings we begin the fun process of ideation. We use a mix of activities to think beyond our current capabilities or limitations. We play in our creative space to discover new ideas and challenge ourselves in new ways. 

At the end of the day we bring in our end-users, stakeholders or subject matter experts to share feedback and test our ideas. 

Day 3 : Prototype Solutions

On our final day we prototype using alternative materials to challenge ourselves to design in new ways. We iterate on our concepts until we reach a point where we feel ready to gather feedback from our end-users, stakeholders and subject-matter experts. 

Ready to get started? Schedule a no-obligation consultation.